Our Approach

The Basis Platform is a process that allows you to more effectively engage your customer. Our team specializes in learning your customer's voice. We discover what experiences they value which helps you communicate with them in a familiar way. Once a language has been established you will have the tools to install a pattern for perpetual innovation.

Knowing how your customers feel about you and how to best satisfy their needs is vital to the success of a business. Basis enables you to take the first step towards a deeper understanding of who your customers are by analyzing which values, experiences, and outside influences drive their decisions. Customers from different backgrounds have differing needs and concerns. Using a highly analytical approach, Basis delivers a specialized customer experience to exceed their expectations. This in turn drives retention and long-term profits. Don’t shoot in the dark when it comes to customers; listen to their voices and data!

Your customers will have countless service experiences while interfacing with a business. Building upon that understanding, Basis will help you break down your customer journey into individual interactions and cross examine which experiences really matter to various segments. Basis will help you understand which of your products and services are most important to your customers, which elements of those products and services deliver the most value, and provide insights for improvement. Basis will provide real time analytics so that you can continually innovate as a business to exceed ever-increasing expectations. Satisfaction is achieved when you continually improve the quality of products and services your customers receive.

Successful business requires genuine connection and communication. Your customer base can be diverse, requiring you to diversify communication. Using customer segmentation, Basis allows you to cater to your customers needs in a more meaningful way. We identify the channels by which your customers gather information, the best tone or style to communicate in, and how to empathize with their pain points. Hearing your customer’s voice is only the first step; you must respond by speaking and relating to customers in their way.

At this point you are well on your way to developing the best customer experience possible! You have heard them, identified their cherished values, and opened a line of effective communication; but this is only the start. Customer relationships need nurturing and that is a continual process. Fortunately, Basis will be there every step of the way! Real-time analytics and data collection will help you constantly reevaluate what your customers expect of you. Basis offers ongoing consultation to ensure that you are always providing the most value to the most people.

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