Raving fans

We care about people. Basis was founded around the idea that the best businesses are consumer-centric. Basis began when our founders’ – Pete, Mitch, and Bennett – paths collided when trying to identify the factors that boost customer satisfaction, thus improving retention and driving higher long-term profits. With time, they used their different talents/perspectives to build a consultative model that includes design, traditional and non-traditional analytics, and new technologies to establish a base-line for consumer insights. Thus the name “Basis” was coined.

From its inception, Basis has built upon its original model to provide services including financial analysis and projection, implementation of information systems, real-time data tracking, and marketing strategy consultation.

Our diverse clientele

Our diverse team tackles projects in any industry. Due to the adaptable nature of the Basis model and our team’s years of experience in a variety of fields, we feel more than confident that the Basis model will become the norm for customer insights across industries.


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